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There is a wealth of information on Work At Home Mafia from job leads to other information to help you in your business!  All of their opportunities are from legitimate Work From Home Companies or from Corporations who have a mix of both Work from Home and In-House Employees.

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About Work At Home Mafia:  

Kim Artlip is founder of Work At Home Mafia and CEO of Work At Home Mafia LLC, the former director of WVLDA, and a contributor to Technorati. Kim was an integral part of the creation and management of several top online businesses such as IMshopping, Nimblebuy and Nimblecommerce.

Kim was a key manager on-boarding customers onto e-commerce platform  – this includes training, managing schedules and keeping track of deliverables. Additionally, she worked quite closely with the Product Management, Engineering, Marketing and Sales teams to understand customer needs, define requirements, and translate these needs into effective product implementations.
me 1 Work At Home Mafia Job Leads   Pay The Bills and More!

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