Have You Heard Of Blog Distributor?


bd Have You Heard Of Blog Distributor?   Pay The Bills and More!

If you blog and have been thinking of ways to make money for blogging, either on your own blog or blogs then Blog Distributor is for you…


Approximately 25% of bloggers now get paid to write postings on their blogs and link those postings to websites. The reason that these blog postings are valuable is that, when they are linked to websites, those websites will achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Then those websites will sell more of their service or product. Those websites are willing to pay for your assistance.

  • Blog Distributor will pay you to write blog postings on your blog and link them to our clients’ websites.
  • The higher the Pagerank™ of your blog, the more you get paid per blog posting.

Steps in the Process

  1. You fill out our Sign Up forms, describing your blog.
  2. Clients register their needs with us.
  3. Blog Distributor will match client jobs with bloggers.
  4. If you’re a match, we’ll email you with details about the new job.
  5. You can accept or pass on any new job and you have 24 hours to make that decision.
  6. As soon as you accept, you have 48 hours from that time to create your posting and to let us know about it.
  7. Blog Distributor will check your posting to make sure that it meets our standards.
  8. Blog Distributor will send you the linking information to link your posting to the client’s website.
  9. Blog Distributor will check that your posting is live on your blog and linked to the right website page.
  10. You get paid every month.


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[button link="https://www.blogdistributor.com/bloggers_faq.php" newwindow="yes"] FAQ[/button]



 Have You Heard Of Blog Distributor?   Pay The Bills and More!
me 1 Have You Heard Of Blog Distributor?   Pay The Bills and More!


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  3. MC says:

    Did you sign up for Blog Distributor, or did you just write an article about them. If you did sign up, were you successful in getting paid? I have heard quite a few people have not been so successful and am having trouble myself. Few of the folks who have posted about having trouble have not reposting letting people know the situation has been resolved.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Yvette Brooks says:

    Actually MC I did sign up but because my site and all ones I am affiliated with have been designed in a way that is not compatible with what Blog Distributor requires. They approve sites whom display all activities or content on one page. I say apply and let them review your blog or site to see if you would be a fit and go from there.

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