Do You Have Skills You Can Share?

 Do You Have Skills You Can Share?    Pay The Bills and More!


You don’t have to have a training background to take advantage of this opportunity, you just have to have the desire to share what you know.  With Skillshare you can set up a local or virtual (they call it a Hybrid) workshop in your area of expertise.  You set the price of each class and Skillshare keeps a small percentage for their assistance in the facilitation of your class.

Skillshare has the following categories for classes:

  • Creative Arts
  • Culinary Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology

Some of the classes are VERY creative and unique.  How about a class in Sneakerology (yes sneakerology)…how to design and market your own sneaker concept! The teacher, Elliott Curtis, former Carnegie Mellon student who has taken “sneakers” to another level, actually has 1053 students enrolled and ready to take his class on September 10, 2012. At $10.00 per person after Skillshare’s 15% fee, Elliott will receive $8,950.50 for Five Week Class!

They do not have a Better Business Bureau rating (that we could find), however, they have excellent online reviews and some pretty “heavy-hitters” offering classes.  This sounds fun and has the potential to be pretty lucrative!

From their site: 

Share your real-world skills

Facilitate a class that your students will leave with concrete skills, whether they’re cooking fried chicken or making their first wireframe.

Collaborative Learning

Connect with your students before, during, and after class in your own online classroom. Share resources, give feedback, and answer questions.

Anyone can teach

Whether you’re a subject expert or simply passionate about a topic, you can share that knowledge with the whole world. Do You Have Skills You Can Share?    Pay The Bills and More!

Anywhere can be a classroom.

Whether you pick a coffee shop, a park, a conference room, or a kitchen, it’s up to you, the leader of your class, to find and book a venue for your class. Check out our helpful venue guide and Foursquare lists to get started!

Get feedback and endorsements from your students.

After class, we’ll prompt your students to give you private, constructive feedback and public, glowing endorsements. Take their advice to heart and use it to improve your evolving class!

List your class for free.

You can charge whatever you’d like, but there’s a small 15% transaction fee on every ticket you sell.

Get your class featured.

All of the classes you see on our Learn page are lovingly handpicked by our Teacher Education team. Follow these guidelines and ensure your class gets seen.

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How To Teach A Skillshare Class – Intro from Skillshare on Vimeo.

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 Do You Have Skills You Can Share?    Pay The Bills and More!
me 1 Do You Have Skills You Can Share?    Pay The Bills and More!


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