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While a lot of people are uninterested in Twitter and think it is senseless, millions are tweeting to their heart’s content, making head way on the social network highway.

I think it is a matter of understanding how it works. I had an account for sometime before I actually started using it and enjoying it. It wasn’t until I REALLY browsed around and paid attention to how others, who are successful were using it.

So in upcoming posts I will share a few ideas in regards to Twitter that should help get you in the Tweeting spirit.

What Is Twitter?

You can’t turn on the television nowadays without hearing companies and television shows say “You can follow us on Twitter at…” as well as others on the internett Are You On Twitter?   Pay The Bills and More! mention and link Twitter to their blogs and websites. These two examples barely scratch the surface of the impact Twitter has made in our daily lives. Celebrities, marketers, companies and normal everyday people utilize Twitter and they are trying to pull you onto Twitter too.

Twitter is a huge micro blogging website where you can have thousands of people paying attention to what you have to say, if what you have to say is interesting while you tweet what you have to say in 140 characters or less. These can be thoughts you are having, deals you are running, a blog you just wrote, a question you have, something you just saw, etc. etc. People flock to Twitter and tweet for many different reasons. Some are there to make new business contacts or to talk with family members and friends. Some celebrities are there to provide their fans a way to talk to them in real time. The possibilities are endless.  Imagine talking to your favorite celebrity and getting an almost immediate answer. On Twitter this is possible. Companies use Twitter to keep consumers up to date and aware of their newest products and sales.  In addition many companies are staying on top of customer service issues and/or complaints using twitter.

Twitter started out as a venue to assist not for profit organizations and causes in raising funds and/or to inform people about what was/is going on all over the world. I learned recently that in some countries more people had cell phones (that they were communicating online with) then people had toilets. So, you can clearly see how tweeting has become a pastime and a tool.  Some are on Twitter because they are curious and want to see where they fit into the twitter-verse.

With Twitter it is possible to see what those who you are following are up to in your stream of tweets on your home page and they can see your tweets on their homepage.  You will see some tweeters sharing photos, videos, helpful advice, jokes, business links and more. There is definitely something for everyone on Twitter.  Many people have wondered what is Twitter, signed up free and are now hooked on following people that they find interesting. Once you sign up and familiarize yourself with the site you will begin to get the hang of it.


Easily Sign Up For A Twitter Account


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No worries, this will be pain free and simple. You can easily sign up for a Twitter account and it won’t cost you anything. This Twitter post is going to help sign up easily and get your account up and running. Once you get the hang of it all you will be tweeting like a pro.

First you will want to head on over to Twitter and you will see an option on the main page that reads “New to Twitter? Join today!” and that is where you add your full name, email address and a password of your choosing before clicking the yellow sign up button so you can create your account.

Be sure to choose a password that isn’t obvious or easy to figure out. You wouldn’t want to use a known nickname or your birthday and never ever use a part of your email address as your password, just in case this information is already known by others or showing on another website.  You may want to add some numbers and capital letters or use a non dictionary word. This can help keep hackers out of your account. You never want to make it easy for someone to take over an wreak havoc on your account while they are pretending to be you.  Then you will be taken to a page where you can pick your user-name, choose whether or not to stay logged in on the computer you are currently using and make sure your name and email address are correct.

Click the yellow button that reads “Create my account” when you are ready to precede.

bird Are You On Twitter?   Pay The Bills and More!Once you have done that an email will be sent out to you for confirmation at the email address that you provided. Confirm that email and now you are a member of Twitter. Congratulations!

You may be asked to sign in with your user-name and password so you can get started.

Now you need to work on your profile. This is what people will see when they click on your user-name. Go to settings. You can find that under the tab for your user-name. Just click that downward arrow and choose settings.

Click the profile tab and add a photo, preferably of yourself but anything is better than the standard non photo picture. It’s more personal when you have a photo up of yourself. People like to see who they are talking to and interacting with. I recommend if you are tweeting as a business to use your logo or something relative to your business. You can have both a personal account and a business account if you would like to keep the two separate.

Enter your location and a link to another website that you want to display if you wish, on your profile page. This could be a link to your blog, affiliate products or any other website you would like to bring a little traffic to.

After that you need to add a bio.  Take a few minutes and think about it before you write it because this is what will show on your profile page, so you want it to represent you well. Your bio should let others know why you are on Twitter. Also , remember if you do have another account you can add “also tweeting from @your other tweeter handle” sending followers over to your business account or vice a verse. Your bio could end up being the reason that someone follows you and reads your tweets. It helps them to see a little glimpse of what your account is all about. You have a 160 character limit to writing your bio so be specific and to the point.

If you want to change how your profile looks you can click the design tab and make changes there. If you are a business you can also upload a design that is coordinated with how your blog and/or website looks for branding purposes.


Now you see how you can easily sign up for a Twitter account and get your profile ready to be viewed by others.

Here a few things to remember in interacting on Twitter. Use your features, like reply, **retweet (RT when you tweet out a tweet from someone else – similar to sharing a post from someone else on Facebook) and such. These are engaging features and people see you as a real person or entity when you do this.

Find some accounts that interest you and follow them, add a few interesting tweets of your own and don’t forget to have fun. There is so much to read and learn as well as many people to interact with on Twitter. Here are some great Tweeters to follow and observe:

Imagine talking to your favorite celebrity and getting an almost immediate answer. On Twitter this is possible. Companies use Twitter to keep consumers up to date and aware of their newest products and sales.  @claired,  @msuster,  @felixsalmon,  @bfeld,  @IlyaNeverSleeps,  @alexia,  @Just_Alison,  @Alyssa_Milano,  @anamariecox@andersoncooper,  @ihnatko,  @anildash,  @AnnCurry,  @anniecolbert,  @anthonyha,  @nealbrennan,  @StephenAtHome .


This should be enough to get you going.


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Look for my next post about Twitter, where I will share about Streaming Your Content To Twitter, On Your Blog/Website, How To Keep Your Customers/Followers Up To Date and More…


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 Are You On Twitter?   Pay The Bills and More!
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  1. James says:

    I joined twitter to keep up with the latest news and also to keep in touch with my mates and colleagues. Its easy to use and doesn’t cost a thing so I think its useful socail tool for my personal use.

  2. Jaie Benson says:

    We love it & agree James! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and “tweeting” about us!

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